Why the reverse osmosis system should be added the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor?
Scale inhibitor is a kind of water treatment agent commonly used in modern industrial production. There are corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor for circulating water system and reverse osmosis scale inhibitor for reverse osmosis system, and reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is mainly used in reverse osmosis water purification equipment. Below we will introduce the reverse osmosis equipment why to add reverse osmosis scale inhibitor:

The permeable membrane is the key equipment of the reverse osmosis system. When the system is running continuously for a long time, the calcium and magnesium plasma in the water will constantly precipitate and adhere to the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, forming scale to block the membrane hole, affecting the effluent efficiency of the reverse osmosis system and damaging the reverse osmosis membrane. Because the reverse osmosis membrane is relatively expensive, the dosing system should be added during the system operation, and the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor should be added to the water to delay the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions and the scaling on the membrane surface. This is why scale inhibitors are added to purified water devices.


Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor also has the following characteristics:

1. Effectively control inorganic scaling in a large concentration range;

2. do not block with iron and aluminum oxide and silicon compounds to form insoluble substances;

3. It can effectively inhibit the polymerization and deposition of silicon, and the SiO2 concentration on the concentrated water side can reach 290;

4. can be used for reverse osmosis Ca and TFC membrane, nanofiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane;

5. good solubility and stability;

6. the water supply pH value is effective in the range of 5-10.


In brief, Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is a scale inhibitor specially used in reverse osmosis (RO) system, nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) system. It can prevent the membrane surface scaling, improve the water yield and water quality, and reduce the operation cost. Scale inhibitor: agents that can disperse insoluble inorganic salts in water, prevent or disturb the precipitation and scaling of insoluble inorganic salts on the metal surface, and maintain the good heat transfer effect of metal equipment.

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